Friday, 8 April 2011

wills lifestyle fashion week

Here it is ...the big day.
finally got to attend the wills lifestyle fashion week 2011
...i was amazed by their designs displayed...FRUIT THEMES , ROBOT THEMES,GREEN THEMES etc..they all were very attractive and yet designers were way too creative.(i wish i could take those mannequins home for a display in my room,i would love to have 1)each designer's names were displayed in front of the mannequins bye one i read...i'm bad at remembering names ..(sorry).i took my diary along but didn't come out from my bag even once( i regret).now i'm wishing i had stayed a little longer so that i have much time to complete being amazed.

..the show then started.3:30 pm ,we sat 3rd row from front.
2 shows by 3 designers (2+1) . male models,then came a princess with  floral gown..felt it was a dream.....Russian models,Indian models ...i and my friends were like WOW!they were pretty ,my friend stood still,speechless.. opening her mouth which is still stuck in my vision
we didn't get to click pictures as we spent most of our time in sight satisfaction,eyes popping out.haha!
i loved that moment.

The show lasted for approximately 45 minutes.we went down to the basement stall..i found a peacock dress with peacock's feather on the neck.that dress was designed by a lady who just stood at the back of me.. :-D i do admired her,what a creative old lady', i said to myself.
we passed our time wandering around the stall ..i saw these 3 beautiful ladies,(i still remember one with the white top..a pretty fair skinned one who was almost my height) it was Nandina Bhalla(the COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE EDITOR),she waved at me...i was like ..what ??? what ???me? ..."yes you",she replied
... they then started clicking pictures ,what ? paparazzi ? ...dumb as ever,i was lost..simply posing infront of those incredible mannequins ..they then asked for my name ,my contact number .. :-) and i later found out it was for their magazine .. whaaaaaaaat!!! i? me ? in your magazine? i was indeed very happy ..i smiled all day long. (fingers crossed) Thank you God,it'll a dream come true..and thank you cosmo

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Red Riding Hood

were wolves and vampires are in since the twilight saga ... according to the trailer,RED RIDING HOOD doesn't seem to be the lil hooded cloak red riding hood i used to know when i was young .my grandfather would tell me the story all over again before bed...but well,tis is is an ADULT RED RIDING HOOD now.He would tell me that the tale makes clear contrast between safe world of village and forest ..anyhow ,i'll get to see this movie in a day or two.hope the censorship board shows mercy after a one month review yet hopefully ,i wont be seeing the big bad wolf who talks , with long nails and sharp teeth ,whom i cried over getting scared every night when i was a kid :)